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Pray for Rozay! If you have not already heard Rick Ross has been hospitalized due to a medical issue at his home near Miami on early Thursday morning. According to FOX News, “Fat Trel, a fellow rapper and close friend, confirmed that Ross was in a hospital, saying he was doing “good,” but “is not on life support,” BET reported”. 

Let us not forget that Rick is no stranger to medical issues. In 2011, Rick had to go to hospital after suffering two seizures on two different flights. “Ross attributed the incidents to lack of sleep, but has since changed has lifestyle and diet”. Now, Ross’s ex Tia Kemp told us on social media that Ross is very sickly but we didn’t pay attention. We were just laughing out loud at Ross’s clapback on SnapChat. Check these out and their beef was caused by Tia claiming Ross was putting more time with his other kids than the child they have together (who by the way looks like Ross’s identical twin!) :

RICK AND TIA GOING BACK AND FORTH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4YLYAHJ0n8

I bet Tia is cracking up because he was so hype telling her to go buy some Checkers and she’s an “old lady”. She told us that he was sick. Guess what Tia posted? 


I am cracking up and she literally is on Instagram Live right now and she’s wearing a shirt that says “Granny Gang”. I am dying!!! But, Rick has to be careful about what he say because he was very rude to her. Also, another person doesn’t have empathy for Ross and that is 50 Cent. 50 Cent said and I quote, “If he dies, he dies”. He even used a picture of Ivan Drago from “Rocky IV” — the precise scene is when Drago is standing over Apollo Creed as Creed is dying. Check it out lol: 

50 Cent to Rick Ross: “I Don’t Care if He Lives or Dies – www.tmz.com/2018/03/03/50-cent-to-rick-ross-if-you-die-you-die/

So what do you guys think? Are y’all praying for Rozay? Does he deserve this? Was Tia wrong for spilling his business? Could Rick possibly pass away? Let me know y’all in the comments and share your thoughts. Thanks for listening you guys! Talk to you soon.

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