Victoria ‘Woah Vicky’ Waldrip Gets Arrested!

Okay, so I am soooo late. I heard about Vicky getting arrested but I didn’t do a thorough investigation because I was feeling a little sick but I’m back! So you already know I wouldn’t be FashunFiend if I didn’t  give you the total runthrough. So let’s get to it!

Victoria ‘Woah Vicky’ Waldrip is a 17-year-old Instagram star who became known to the world after posting lifestyle and meme-inspired photos to her imwoahvicky account. She was born and raised in Georgia. She has an older sister and her father’s name is Steve. What really places Vicky in controversy is her claims to be a black woman. Now she is white! I know right I was so shocked! Honestly! Truly! Just kidding I am not about to lose my Wakanda card, she is white-white-white! I hate when people pretend/want to be black but they don’t want to deal with our racial issues, discrimination, fear of being killed for what we look like, fear of getting a job because of what we look like, constantly being ignored by America, etc. They just want our culture because it’s “poppin”. Like I said in my “Black Culture in Fashion” post (By the way if you didn’t check that out plzzz do!) our culture is so influential and powerful. We are pop culture. Since we are, have and always will be ‘poppin’. Check out Vick’s Insta if you don’t already below:

Now that the introduction is out of the way let’s get to the meat of the story. Vick was arrested for trespassing and assault on a police officer “after a disturbance at a North Carolina mall that sparked panic and fears of shots fired by an active shooter, authorities say”. Yeah Vick! Get busky with the police! Now she in jail lol.

According to, “Victoria Waldrip, who goes by Woah Vicky and Icky Vicky social media and is known for posting photos and for videos on the social media platform, and for making controversial claims about her race, was taken into custody Saturday by the Greensboro Police Department at the Four Seasons Town Centre Mall. Waldrip is accused of kicking an officer during the incident, The Blast reports. Waldrip was the only person arrested, WGHP-TV reports. The incident occurred about 7:30 p.m. Saturday. She was charged with first-degree trespassing and assault on a government official, according to records on the police department’s website. She was later booked into the Guilford Jail. Police determined no shots were fired, according to WFMY-TV. One person was treated for a panic attack, police told the news station. Waldrip hasn’t commented about her arrest.”

“The Melanin Queen” (Yes she really calls herself that lol) needs to chill because you cannot be kicking officers like that’s not cool. She just gotta do her bid and get out of there. Vicky do be drawling so she has to control herself a little. Free my sis out the you know!!!!! 



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