ANOTHA ONEE! I feel bad for Asaahd yo! Khaled be waving him around like a trophy. I wonder … does he sleep, does he go to school, does he have more money than I do? I’m sure he does! Asaahd lend me money for my 2k19 prom! PLEASE! (Rich Dollaz voice) But, anyway let’s address this heat. 

DJ Khaled has been delivering bangers for a while. He just reached his dreams because he now has two tracks with Jay and Bee. First was “Shining” which was a total bop! Shining, shining, shining! But I digress. “Top Off” is his newly released single. I haven’t listened to it in its entirety yet but I have heard snippets and from what I hear Beyonce is rapping now. I mean an H-Town mixtape would be very clutch and make her a ton of money. Everybody would be like “Ayee!” and she does have good flow and a nice cadence because of her Houston accent. So, I am going to take a listen to the track. I am going to attach the link for the song so y’all can hear it:

DJ Khaled feat. Jay-Z, Future, Beyonce “TOP OFF” –


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