Chris is giving us some visuals for his album ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’. 

This video from the pics are giving me like tribal vibes. I feel like Chris is going to give great choreo and a story like how he usually does with his videos. I would also like to applaud Chris on his Black Pyramid apparel. I see a lot of celebs wear it and show love and the pieces are really dope. Even though Chris can go a bit off the handle, the indisputable fact is he is such a talented artist. He really put time and energy into mastering and honing his craft. His dancing ability, breath control and singing ability can only be compared to the likes of Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Ciara, Janet Jackson, and even James Brown. 

Here is the link and check it out y’all. Leave comments and tell me what y’all think about Chris’s new video. Is it a bop or flop? Or was the song dope but the visuals were trash? Let me know guys thanks for viewing!


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