Fashūn on A Budget

Cardi B got everybody wanting to get the Christian Loubotins (aka Bloody Shoes), but the truth is not everyone can afford “bloody shoes”. Christian Loubotins, Gucci mules, Fendi sweatshirts, Coco Chanel pearls, Versace necklaces, Burberry shirts, Hermes cologne, Prada shoes, Polo tees, etc. These are some of the expensive and luxurious brands that we all know and love, but what about the people who still want to look fly but are on a budget. I am definitely one of these people. My mom is clutch when it comes to hooking me up with her latest packages and if someone doesn’t fit her right, she will give the shirt to me. Typically, she will get a male’s Burberry shirt because she likes the men’s design a little better than the female’s sometimes. If it doesn’t work for her, I get lucky and cop up on a new shirt. So I am extremely blessed to have the parents I have. Now, I do not have a job currently so getting new things usually depends on mall runs with the family. I really want to give you guys some advice on how to get high quality stuff on a budget. I have some tips and tactics that can keep you fly and not burning a hole in your pocket. 


Now if God has blessed you with the ability to secure your bag and always have cash by all means RAKE UP. I would advise you to still budget yourself because $500 in an average mall can go by so quick. So what I would do is go to a more inexpensive place like an H&M (I am gonna forgive them for that “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” shirt because they lucky I like their tees and shirts but I will still give them the side-eye), Forever 21 or Forever 21 Men (they have some really decent stuff for guys too and it’s not feminine like it’s nice clothes that you can dress up), Urban Outfitters definitely, Bebe has cute stuff, Gap is tuff for hoodies, jackets and sweatshirts, Hautelook is really good, BooHoo has great clothes that you can compliment with cool jeans or sneakers, TopShop has really cute, affordable apparel for women and lastly my fave, ZARA. I like Zara because it has the BEST JEANS. Zara and Lucky Brand are my favorite places to get jeans from because they have cool designs, prints and material with an affordable price. So, please hit up some of these stores before you get the Gucci glasses or Fendi bookbag because to really sell your fashion you have to compliment it. Like a bouquet has a centerpiece flower that attracts the attention (the Gucci belt or your double ‘C earrings), but to keep the attention on that flower you have to accessorize it with some complimentary flowers (the H&M flannel, Forever 21 jacket or Urban Outfitters hat) yakno. Don’t try to do too much with an all Gucci look. Because sometimes these celebs wearing all Gucci and they be looking like straight trash. Don’t spend $10,000 on an outfit and end up looking like a $2 snack yakno. Keep it in moderation. 


Social media is an amazing invention because so many clothing brands receive attention and love from social-media promoting means. Brands like Milano di Rouge (which is a popular Philly brand created by Milan Harris), Fashion Nova (a brand Cardi B really put into the forefront and their clothes are really cute and affordable), Ethika has nice apparel, they specialize in underwear but they also have nice hoodies and tees, Jugg Season has tough shirts and hoodies, MadebyB has really cute custom looks, Baltiere has tough, affordable shirts and hoodies, Thrasher apparel is also very affordable and paired with some Vans is a tough look and finally TJ MAXX because it is a super department store that has a lot of fashion for an affordable price.


Thrift shops are great for balling on a budget. Nice-quality apparel for a lesser price. Another’s man trash is another man’s treasure. A lot of people donate or trash their clothing, so these thrift shops pick up these thrown away fashions and redistribute them so a new person can purchase the fashion for themselves. This is a great angle to take advantage of. Vintage Raxx West is a thrift shop in Philly that I would deflee take advantage of (Jess Hilarious Voice). 

So in conclusion guys be wise with purchasing clothing. Think of 1. Will you actually wear this? Do you really like it? Don’t dress for other people, dress and put your best foot forward for yourself. Don’t feel pressured to burn a hole in your pocket, it’s okay to be money-smart. Lastly, have fun with clothes. Clothes, accessories, makeup, jewelry, etc. are all things that are meant to enhance the swag and beauty that you already have within yourself. So have fun with fashion! I expect to see heat from y’all. Apply the Pressure!




















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