Cringeworthy Breakfast Club Interviews Pt. 1


So, I don’t know if REVOLT is paying Charlemagne tha God money to say stupid things but lately their interviews have been extremely cringeworthy. I will be breaking down each video and how painful it was to watch. You can just sense and feel the discomfort and internal strife within the interview. Some are just unbearable to watch but I will let you guys be the judge.



The term “Put some respek on my name” came from this interview. I guess Birdman had his feelings hurt by the Breakfast Club talking about him because he came in unexpected to them. He just wanted to speak his peace and let them know what was on his mind. This moment is LEGENDARY! Literally everyone I know said this phrase after this interview. 




So if you guys do not already know about the Mo’Nique v. Netflix case, allow me to break it down. Now we all know Mo’Nique for her lengthy (and impressive) resume for her works on film, television and standup comedy. Just to name a few: Precious, Almost Christmas, Blackbird, Bessie, Phat Girlz, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Soul Plane, The Parkers, The Mo’Nique Show, and the list goes on. So we cannot negate or dismiss that this women has been consistently working in Hollywood (a place that was and still is not open to people of color specifically black women) and she deserves the utmost respect and a fair pay because she knows how things work. Now that we got the formalities out of the way let’s talk about Netflix. So, Netflix came to Mo’Nique and offered her the ability to have a special on Netflix. Netflix offered her $500,000 as a monetary reward for doing the comedy special. Now I am upset already because this woman has so much quality work backing her up and they offer her just $500,000. Complete b-s. Then, to add insult to injury they paid the white comedienne, Amy Schumer, $13 billion and offered Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle $20,000 million. Now, Chris Rock’s resume is impressive but I believe Mo’Nique has a longer body of work than Dave Chappelle so why isn’t she paid the same amount? Color bias? Sexism? Both? This interview was so cringeworthy because Charlemagne demonstrated no empathy for Mo’Nique as a black woman in Hollywood that wants the same respect that her peers and counterparts receive. What do you guys think? Take a look:




Amara sparked controversy recently because apparently people have never heard of a BLACK WHO CAN SPEAK SPANISH?!! INCREDIBLE! THEY’RE DARKER SKINNED AND LATINO?! AMAZING. Some people are so foolish. The gag is there is not a single Latin American country that doesn’t have people that look like Amara. Panama, Chile, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Brazil , Cuba, and Ecuador are just a few of the Latin American countries that have darker skinned Latinos. So I don’t understand why people are so confused about an “Afro-Latino”. An Afro-Latino is simply a Latin American person that has significant African ancestry. I was so annoyed with Charlemagne because his ignorance to colorism makes me want to pull my teeth out! Amara is Dominican and she is a musical artist. She did not really go as big as she wanted to in Latin America because Latin America still has issues with color. Some of them will never consider Amara or Juju (Love and Hip Hop New York; Check her out she’s a beautiful Afro-Cubana) Latinas and that is just so sad to me. These women can speak Spanish better than some of these Latinos who cannot even speak their native language. They know how to merengue and bachata. They eat mangu y arroz o mangu y pollo. They like to watch telenuevas. Why aren’t they considered Latina? Why was Charlemagne so ignorant to her struggle of not being as successful as her lighter-skinned counterparts. I’ll let y’all be the judge. 


So I wanted to give you guys a sampler of this because I have been working on it since yesterday and I didn’t want y’all to think I am slacking because I want to add new content daily. But tell me what y’all think would y’all like me to continue this series of “Cringeworthy Brealfast Club Interviews”. Please let me know. Leave your thoughts guys what do you think was the most cringeworthy and what made you feel uncomfortable about watching them. Thanks for listening guys. Talk to you later real soon!





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