It has been approximately 58 days and Onika Tanya Maraj has been gone! No Instagram posts, Twitter updates, Snapchat stories, nada! Now, sources say that she is deep in working on her fourth album and is cutting out all social media influence. “Sources told TMZ Minaj is using 2018 as a time to shift her focus to creating new music for her next album. The Queens rapper decided to take a break from social media in the new year in order to prevent herself from getting distracted.” Her social media post was on December 30th, 2017.

I personally think that this is a great move for Nicki. I think we can all relate to how draining and distracting social media can be at times, so sometimes we have to give ourselves space and take a breather to regroup. I expect bops, bangers, allat from this forthcoming album. I would really appreciate it if Nicki would have some tracks with some up-and-coming female rappers like Kash Doll , Asian Doll, Cuban Doll, Brittney Taylor, Cardi B, Tink, Young M.A., Dreezy, Bali Baby, or Rico Nasty just to name a few. I think Nicki is the indisputable queen of rap, but real queens find who is next in line. If she does more with these up and coming female rappers and mentor them, her career will gain even more longevity. She will truly be the queen of rap because she will be taking these women under her wing and showing them the ropes, how the industry works, possibly sign them to her own production label and make a big profit. 

Also, we cannot forget about the Remy Ma beef. SheTHER really switched the pendulum of Nicki’s career. After that people became suspicious of Nicki’s moves because Remy mentioned Nicki would do a lot of “behind the scenes” moves. Remy said, “She [Nicki] would keep her off of red carpets, make sure awards don’t go to me, and have people make bad reviews about my album sales”. I wondered when I heard this could Nicki be this savage? Then, just yesterday I scrolled through my Instagram and saw that Joe Budden talked about it on his show with DJ Akademiks called Everyday Struggle. Joe said and I can’t really quote this because I can’t find the exact link but it was along the lines of “Hypothetically speaking, what if Remy was supposed to perform something and Nicki pulled strings to not let that happen”. HMMMMM. What if that was really supposed to happen. What if Nicki has been doing that consecutively for the past 10 years when another female rapper has the ability to be a breakout star. Could she be that savage? 


I really want to get this discussion going so what do you guys think? Do you think Nicki will come back with some fire or do you think “The Pinkprint” was her last hoo-rah? Do you think Nicki uses savage methods when dealing with other female rappers? Why hasn’t she worked with other female rappers? MotorSport is really the first time I heard her collaborate with another female rapper, but you know with Nicki if she’s featured on something with you she will give the artist a shoutout but on the track Nicki did not even mention or give cred to Cardi. Interesting… But please get the comments going and I would love to hear you guys opinions. Thanks y’all!

2 thoughts on “NICKI?! WHERE ARE YOU SIS?!!

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