Black Culture and Fashion

Black culture and Hip-Hop culture have influenced mainstream fashion immensely past and presently. The baggy clothes, snapbacks, baby hairs, street style, we influence fashion and culture in general! It even traces back to the 1920s with jazzmen and women like Billie Holiday for instance with her trademark flower in her hair. Even back in the day we started trends because no matter what we are going through whether it be financial issues, relationship issues or school troubles WE ALWAYS HAVE TO LOOK GOOD! Like always we have to take a picture of our fit to post up on Instagram and Twitter because black people have a unique swag and style that cannot be altered or duplicated. It is something unique to us and we are such trendsetters because believe it if we wear it, others will soon too. However, I do feel that black culture is sometimes used without being thanked for it. Sometimes, we do not always receive recognition for our influence and impact on fashion and pop culture in general. We are so influential and I think some of us don’t even know it. Rihanna, my baby mom, has got to be the ultimate trendsetter. What this woman does EVERYBODY WILL COPY. I will never forget during the Good Girl Gone Bad era she had the asymmetrical cut and the pompadour hairstyle. When I saw the BET Awards either ’08 or ’09, all the women had that same cut or pompadour hairstyle. She just has this thing about her that makes her stand out and makes her moves the next move to make. Even when she dyed her hair that cherry red it made everyone want to dye their head. So, we just have so much swag and we influence culture daily. What I don’t like is when these fashion designers and hairstylists are obviously heavily influenced by black culture because they’ll lay their edges down or open the shirt a bit and make the pants sag and they don’t credit their source. Just say, “Black culture inspired me.” I’ll take that. Below are some examples of how obvious black/hip-hop culture influence the fashion world:

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