Why I love Rihanna?

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My love for Rihanna had to begin in 2008. I’ll never forget I looked up at my T.V. and I saw this beautiful woman. It was a music video for her song “Umbrella”. I loved that song and I still do lol. I just remember thinking “She’s so pretty” and my mom asked me “You think she’s pretty don’t you?”. Of course I did. But, I didn’t really appreciate her beauty until I became older. I would later notice her amazing physical features that were the layers to her beauty. Like her perfect cupid’s bow, beautiful hazel starburst eyes and her pretty caramel skin tone. She’s gorgeous right?! But, personally I have a special reason on why I love her so much. I love Rihanna because Rihanna has this “IDC what anyone says about me” attitude and I wish and can’t wait until I feel like that. She is who is she and you don’t like it she genuinely doesn’t care. She just keeps being great and successful and won’t keep her heel on people’s necks for even a second. I just love her! Her Fenty Beauty makeup line is stellar. Women ranging from alabaster white to deep, deep chocolate skin tones thank Rihanna for considering them in her manufacturing process. I love that because so many time our darker-skinned peers are left out and have to fend for themselves in many areas, but I’ll save that conversation for later lol. But, Ri just never ceases to amaze me and her fashunnn is TIMELESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

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