The Black Panther

What do these two men have in common? They both go by the name “Black Panther”. One is representing for Wakanda and fighting injustice. The other is fighting prejudice, discrimination, and ruthless killings of blacks in America. Like many of you know the film “Black Panther” has recently came out and the reception is great and sparking controversy. I am relishing this entire experience because I love how a black superhero is sparking up conversation and breaking records. People who are not even Marvel fans are going to see the film. I think it is because when we hear “Black Panther” we think about pro-blackness, black pride and strength and those are attributes all black people can relate to. There are some naysayers who are saying “Why are you guys going so hard for a movie?”. My response to that is when people get dressed up as Yoda, Stormtroppers and Death Star we don’t say anything. So why can’t we wear dashikis and African garbs. We are celebrating not only the film but our African roots. I love Black Panther already and I haven’t even seen it. It is just causing such a powerful uproar and I am so here for it. WAKANDA FOREVER!

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