FashunFiend? Who are you?

Some info about me and what I’m about. I hope I can help you guys, inspire y’all and possibly make this blog a part of your daily routine!


Hey I’m Noah, but on here I’m the FashunFiend. I’m pretty much the average teenager that comes with mood swings, lazy at times, and can sometimes make promises I can’t keep lol. However, I am a smart, articulate seventeen year old with big dreams and an ambitious attitude. No matter what I will be successful! If you’re reading this you will be too! My purpose on here is to really share my views on topics ranging from cringeworthy Breakfast Club Interviews like the Amara La Negra one- yikes – to something like net neutrality or the recent mass shooting in Florida. I want to share my views because 1. I love to talk and 2. I love to start up conversations and debates about heated topics because I want to know if someone might have a different perspective or outlook on a topic. I find that very intriguing. I am also going to be posting my fashion inspos and my fits as well because…well I mean I am the… FashunFiend so duhhh!!Why wouldn’t I bless your phone with my stellar fashion sense and people who I look up to as far as aesthetics. I will always try my best to give good advice to y’all I mean I can’t drop as good of gems as Jay-Z did on 4:44, but I can try! But, yeah this is going to be a fun, easy-going blog! Let’s get started! Lastly, what I hope to gain from this blog is to look more viable to colleges, I think it is so fun to share my views and opinions and possibly make money from it lol but that is a strong possibility because I don’t really care about the money. I just really want to share my views, make it fun and give y’all good fashion advice and life advice.

10 thoughts on “FashunFiend? Who are you?

  1. Nia says:

    SOOO MUCHHH!!! You’re blog is so cool. BUT… tell the people more about yourself and what you do and what you hope you’d get out of doing this blog (just a lil constructive criticism❤️) I LOVE THE BLOG THO!! Please keep it up I feel like you should update everytime something huge happens in media for instance Vicky or NBA Getting arrested..but yea keep it up NOAH❤️


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